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Letters That Need Never Be Sent

swampcat Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 9:15 PM
I have been thinking of how I could seced as an individual. Where can I go to get away from the tyranny that will be imposed in his second term??? I am looking at central American countries that are republics. Any one else already done the research? I have my passport renewed and ready.....

There was a lot of stupid in the presidential race this week. I’ve written about it all here. But I’ve been thinking about something for awhile. I’ve gotten sidetracked by the media every time I set out to write about it, but no more. Today, we explore the question: What will they think about us 50 years from now? What will they think of how we’ve tried to govern the country? What will they think of the arguments we’re having now?

Perhaps a few letters will help.

From the Future

Dear Past,

Was it worth it? Was the party worth...