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Obama's Master Plan With Eric Holder

svpallava Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 7:48 AM
So why weren't demos organised against La Razist Sotomayor, who is as much a racist as Erich Hooldum?
Those who endorse this proscribed "state" (Fakestinians are largely descended from Edomites -- see Obadiah and Malachi) will be judged to destruction along with them, Lofven!
Wayne, you should have asked "would you prefer 0bama or a garden-gnome?" -- as only an 0bot would NOT prefer Jeter after reading only the first paragraph of the article. Even answering the revised question, no toughie -- the garden-gnome landslides to victory!
Another option -- he doesn't want to RECEIVE briefings, because then he can't brief ISJ through his flapping on moron-box.
Because 0bama threatened them against "doing non-confidence and voting with conscience" (latter part redundant -- there hasn't been a conscientious Dhimmicrud since 1981/01/19), a strategy he copied from 1990 Canadian Commons vote on Gouge-n-Shaft-Tax.
No surprises there -- just as Castro brothers ARE NOT willing to take the hellthcare they imposed on the working-stiffs of Cuba (Fidel had a Spanish physician flown in to treat his diverticulitis in 2007), Dems aren't willing to support the hellthcare they foisted!
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

svpallava Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 7:21 AM
"Milwaukee is close enough to Chicago to know Chicago style" -- for your info, Baltimore is even closer to Washington DC. I had the experience of telling a boss in downtown Balto that I needed to go to Reston due to an emergency, and he looked blankly at me until I said that it was "near Dulles Airport".
"So how can 40% of the public still think Obama is akin to Allah?" -- actually over 60% KNOW that 0bama is the SPAWN of "allah" (Satan -- original Hebrew/Aramaic of Isaiah 14:14 transliterates to English as "allah bamah ab damah elowyn", which in crude English means "I'll climb above the clouds' heights and be like the Most High").
Wrong -- Chamberlain at least had some patriotism (enough to declare war 1939/09/03)!
"I'd take Joe Biden any day over this jerk" -- I second that!
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