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The High Price of Obama’s Amnesty

SVARA Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 2:17 PM
Last month while working in our large yard, a mexican worker who was loading some old tree limbs from down the block came to me and asked if I could let him have some water (in spanish of course). I told him in spanish, since I grew up in West Texas and SE N.M. and speak a little, sure I will give you some water if you have legal papers, He said he didn't need papers. I said what makes you think that? He said he had been here for almost 7 years and didn't think he needed any because of Bush and Obama. I really wasn't surprised so I gave him some H2O and knew then that many others felt the same as he did. Where is IKE (who sent them all packing in the 50's). Oh I forget, he had a real American spine.

$585 million dollars. 

That is the estimate of what Obama’s new amnesty will cost the American taxpayer.  This back door plan, put into action by imperial edict without any input from Congress, is just another nail in the coffin of our economy.  This past week thousands of children of illegal immigrants were granted the right to apply for “deferred action” in order to stay in this country and sign up for employment opportunities.  Starting August 15th, illegal aliens up to the age of 30 who meet certain requirements can begin submitting their applications that will allow...

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