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Republican Senator Ayotte endorses immigration bill

SVARA Wrote: Jun 09, 2013 6:51 PM
IMO she is just another one of the RINO sell-outs that call themselves Republicans. It makes one wonder how many more of these sell-out in the Repubs will eventually show their true colors. Sickening, and probably a lot of weak as* excuses to boot.

By Caren Bohan and Paul Simao

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte on Sunday threw her support behind a sweeping U.S. immigration bill, calling it a "thoughtful" reform that would ease the burden of illegal immigration and allow companies to more easily hire qualified workers.

Support from Ayotte, who has been courted by the bill's backers, could pave the way for other Republicans to endorse the measure in the Senate, where a vote is expected by the end of June.

"Our immigration system is completely broken," Ayotte, of New Hampshire, told CBS' "Face the Nation" program. "This is a...