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I agree with you 100%, and as I said in my post an hour ago, I hope that this article goes viral so that people who can read will actually see what is really going down with this lawless administration and that THING that occupies the White House.
No, POS barry will probably say he didn't read the letter that the man sent or more than likely one of those so called helpers probably screened the letter and tossed it, IMO. I wish that this letter would go viral and that many other people who lost family because of one of these illegal parasites would write letter after letter and get the total public's attention.
Taco Jeb, no way. I would like to see someone with a real spine like Jeff Sessions, IMO he Is a solid conservative.
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What Happened?

SVARA Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 3:08 PM
Being a hard core conservative, I now want to see if the newly elected Republicans collectively have a real SPINE and can do what needs to be done about the damage that Golf Bag Barry has done. The time is NOW.
I really like the good doctor but would rather see him as surgeon general with a large contributing role and voice or a cabinet member. I think that as a doctor he MIGHT be too nice of a guy to deal with the illegals and others that seek compassion that are really a drain on us legal American. Just my thoughts!!!
Taco Jebby, no dam way.
These so called "acts of love" are no more than parasites that expect everything and offer nothing positive. Send all of them back to their cess pool countries, cut off all their freebies and bi-lingual ed. etc.
I would really like Jeff Sessions to be our next POTUS in 2016 period. He has a real solid spine.
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Putin Sells Guns while Obama Goes Golfing

SVARA Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 1:36 PM
IMO if one were to compare the common sense quotient and the tested IQ of Golf Bag Barry and the Vladman, my money would definitely be on the Vladman.
Deport all of these filthy parasites and their anchor maggots.
This racist should apologize about all the mistakes he has made till the end of the next century.
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