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Random Thoughts

SVARA Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 4:40 PM
Another excellent column of Random Thoughts by Dr. Sowell. He says it better than anyone and it's a shame that he is not the POTUS.
This racist punk has nothing else to do,, hey how about enforcing the laws that are on the books like closing our borders to invaders etc.
Here's another one, they are hypocrites and of course want to stick it to whitey, but they end up hurting themselves. But apparently don't care. As a biologist would point out "no brain, no pain".
Ghetto rats and dirty H2O all seek their own lower level. These Ghetto rats must not have any real jobs other than rioting etc. I hope that all the whitey owned businesses move out and others don't move in for obvious reasons.
Correction, about to be hit with the illegal alien hoard on line 3.
I have thought for some time now that we Texans had best be a little more careful who we invite to set up businesses here in our great state. The librats just might start multiplying with Travis county (Lib-Austin) help. We are already about to hit with the illegal alien hoard in the worst way unless it is quickly abated and I ain't holding my breath on that one.
These parasites are an invasion and yes we are being taxed to support these parasite criminals thanx to our worthless politicians.
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Get Ready for Denials

SVARA Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 1:57 PM
As long as we have sell-out politicians and loud open borders librats whining about the poor "kids" from their south of the border hell-holes we will always have the bleeding heart idiots that want "us" to pay for the illegals total expenses. Unless we the conservative types throw out all the politicians that side with these librats this invasion will continue. IMO
I will for sure check this movement out, Thanx.
JWJ if you are one of those open borders types then my post just might describe you.
Great post Sorceress, Seriously, I can only wish that you have Sorceress power and could make these illegal parasites and their enablers vanish. BN Svara
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