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I have thought for some time now that we Texans had best be a little more careful who we invite to set up businesses here in our great state. The librats just might start multiplying with Travis county (Lib-Austin) help. We are already about to hit with the illegal alien hoard in the worst way unless it is quickly abated and I ain't holding my breath on that one.
These parasites are an invasion and yes we are being taxed to support these parasite criminals thanx to our worthless politicians.
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Get Ready for Denials

SVARA Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 1:57 PM
As long as we have sell-out politicians and loud open borders librats whining about the poor "kids" from their south of the border hell-holes we will always have the bleeding heart idiots that want "us" to pay for the illegals total expenses. Unless we the conservative types throw out all the politicians that side with these librats this invasion will continue. IMO
I will for sure check this movement out, Thanx.
JWJ if you are one of those open borders types then my post just might describe you.
Great post Sorceress, Seriously, I can only wish that you have Sorceress power and could make these illegal parasites and their enablers vanish. BN Svara
I have recently done this so you might five it a try. The next time some lib punk punk pontificates about that we should have open borders, ask them if they leave the doors to their house open all the time along with their car doors open. If they say no way, then ask them why not, if they say that they don't want to be robbed, then tell them that open borders invite those parasites who come here illegally to rob us legal tax payers. The responses will make you laugh at the stupidity of these librats. BTW, why does the White House have a guarded fence around it? We should do the same on our borders now.
Last week I was talking with a librat who was saying that WE must take care of these children and their parents. To which I replied: When you say WE do you mean to tell me that you have a bunch of rich cockroaches in your pockets. The librat looked stunned wandered off. Good riddance. On another note, some have mentioned that if this invasion of parasites continues that there is a chance that forms of Balkanization will occur and when the USA is no longer able to borrow money, then we will see a very bad litany of results.
Many of these librat sell-outs don't take into account that we have a limited amount of natural resources and they are being stressed now. Here are a couple of examples: potable H2O, tillable land, and I will add space for more land fills. With population increases of this parasite kind who expect everything and offer nothing, new schools will have to be built with bi-lingual teachers, free lunches, shots etc., add housing, utilities, and trash they produce. These are just some of the factors involved not to mention that financially America's debt almost 18 trillion. These parasites will breed and increase their welfare at our expense also. BTW when my wife's and my grand parents came here from Skandinavia and Russia they became Americans without any of the freebies these parasites receive along with many other legal immigrants from Europe.
Ask him or ask him to take them back to their native countries.
It doesn't look like these parasites and their anchor maggots will abate any time soon. I hope that they cities that are having to take these parasites will unite and say hell no, we don't have the money or resources. The natives are restless.
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