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Loons, goons, and complete buffoons all demorat types.
These nightmares don't seem to end.
A grinning lying racist looser of a female who probably would rival a grape in I.Q. rating.
Both political parties are really spineless when it comes to illegal immigration because they "don't want to offend anyone". Hey punks and sell outs, you have offended a large part of American taxpayers who have to foot the bill for these illegal parasites and their anchor maggots. Until the people as a whole stand up united and say "NO MORE" over and over again and make themselves heard to every candidate this will continue until we have no borders and there it total balkanization or possibly a civil war.
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Ebola and Obama

SVARA Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 3:21 PM
Along with all that has been said in this excellent article, I believe that Barry and his pal holder are also 24 carat racists and bigots.
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Harry Reid: Public Enemy No. 1

SVARA Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 4:41 PM
This little prune faced POS needs a vacation in the middle of an active volcano, IMO.
HMMM, just wondering along with others if the invasion of all those parasite illegals that came across our borders recently and were sent around the USA to various cities and the schools were forced to take them in, IF they have anything to do with this enterovirus respiratory disease that is spreading like fire among younger American children???
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Random Thoughts

SVARA Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 5:16 PM
All I can say about this column is, EXCELLENT!!!
Wonder how many other infectious diseases will show up due to these invading illegal parasite kids. HMMMMM.
All of this sub-human trash should be deported permanently ASAP. Build the dam wall, and guard it 24/7.
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