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Auditioning for Stardom: President Obama and the First Lady

SVARA Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 6:53 PM
You are right Crystal, they are self appointed all stars and will have as much press as they want although it is too dam self serving.

The Obamas think they’re celebrities instead of public servants. They appear on late night talk shows, shaking their booty and crooning slow jams with Jimmy Fallon, luxuriating in fundraisers with Hollywood’s elite, golfing with Tiger and of course presenting Oscars. By the looks of it, President Obama and the First Lady seem to enjoy mingling with celebrities more than doing the jobs they’re supposed to.

Instead of staying in Washington to work out a deal with Congress to avert the sequester, which was Obama’s idea, Obama jetted off to play golf with Tiger Woods in Florida during the Presidents’ Day...