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WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney: 47, Obama: 47

Suzieq10 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 2:55 PM
HELL NO! We are going to elect a REAL American and not an IMPOSTER with a Kenyan birth certificate who just happens to be a muslim and a communist!!

A new national poll released Sunday shows that the race for the White House is all tied up, 47% to 47%.

A late surge in support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has put him in a dead heat with President Barack Obama with just over two weeks to go before the election, according to a new nationwide Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Sunday.

Among likely voters, the candidates are now tied, 47% to 47%, in a race that appears on track to be one of the closest in U.S. history.

Mr. Romney has pulled abreast of the...