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Yes, they are. I wish I could buy any one of them for what he's worth and resell him for what he thinks he's worth. This sickening adoration of movie stars, sports figures and politicians needs to stop, yesterday!
Let me clue you in on that Texas convention. The dissenters were Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul and his supporters are not Republican, they are Libertarians who have decided to invade the Republican party. I live in Texas and every Republican I know fervently supports Romney and the Republican party. So much for your theory of a fractured GOP.
Just because you say it doesn't make it true. You can run your mouth til the cows come home, still you won't be telling the truth. Oh, I forgot, libs don't believe in truth; they believe in relativity.
Well, lots of us weren't too enthusiastic about Romney, but now that he has taken the lead I hope all Republicans , from RINO's to Libertarians, will lift their eyes to the real enemy (hint: he resides in the WH) and unite to displace Obama and his corrupt administration. We are not just voting for Romney, but also voting to prevent Obama's appointment of two supreme court justices, which will skew the court to dangerous levels of interpretive constitutional mandates, for a greater control of the Senate, and for our children and grandchildren who will be disenfranchised if liberal policies are not redirected.
Ye, C'mon, you are correct, but libs can't see anything very well, can they?
OOOhhh! I would love to see that one.
Me, too. West is sharp.
I believe that Mr. West has proved his courage with his exemplary military career. Cowards don't last long in the military. Oh, what are your credentials that would enable you to discern a coward?
No kidding! And those secretly built high security prisons are waiting. And don't forget before you say that can't be so, Homeland security ordered 400 million--yes, million--rounds of ammunition and grenades. That border must really be in store for some whizzing lead. And second, don't forget that Obama funded his private militia(I'm betting the Black Panthers get that contract) in the healthcare bill. All in all, not a rosy picture.
Imagine if you were bright enough to consider the truth.
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