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The 10 Biggest Political Debacles of 2012

suz Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 3:47 AM
1. you're right--the mayans were right; 2. the gop shouldn't have made such a big deal about akin's mistake--you know the lunatic left always will; 3. mitt was fine; america is stupid and lazy; 4. john roberts is an a_shole and should be fired right along w/sotomayer and kagen; (we should amend our documents to include being able to fire fed-sup-jud; 5. bho lives for his perceived incompetence--all this is intentional on his part--the man is on the wrong side; 6. yes, petraeus was at fault, but he was set up by bho & co.--they knew of the affair before his confirmation; 7. christie will run for president in 2016 as a democrat; 8. agreed; 9. and 10. continued above

10) Gallup and Rasmussen Reports Cause a Conservative Pundit Election Prediction Implosion: Before the election, most liberal pundits were predicting that Obama would win, while most conservative pundits (Yes, my hand is up) thought Romney would pull it off. While there was no doubt a little wishful thinking involved, what really happened was that there was a major split between Rasmussen, Gallup and the other pollsters. We believed Rasmussen and Gallup's much more pro-Romney numbers which turned out to be the worst mistake since Napoleon decided that Russia was ripe for a winter invasion.

9) The Trayvon Martin...