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I Think I Owe an Apology to George W. Bush.

suz Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 6:08 PM
jonah, i've heard you on the talk circuit since beck at cnn and have always respected you. i rarely read you. however, today, i am moved to comment because yours bothers me so much. you have, in deed, acquiesced to the bender ever so present in the bubble you and your contemporaries float in. out here, in the real world, people aren't changing -- it's just that the liberal schlock has swept over the "new" electorate and teased them w/crumbs. you could say bush did the same in the form of tax return ($300 extra at year's end). but the liberals do it w/lifestyle aka "the complete lives system of julia," if you will, cradle-to-grave cr_p poured over blacks, hispanics and the poor -- who, by the way, vote against their interests. (MORE)

William F. Buckley once noted that he was 19 when the Cold War began at the Yalta conference. The year the Berlin Wall came down, he became a senior citizen. In other words, he explained, anti-Communism was a defining feature of conservatism his entire adult life. Domestically, meanwhile, the right was largely a "leave me alone coalition": Religious and traditional conservatives, overtaxed businessmen, Western libertarians, and others fed up with government social engineering and economic folly. The foreign policy battle against tyrannical statism abroad only buttressed the domestic antagonism toward well-intentioned and occasionally democratic statism at home.

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