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De Pasquale’s Dozen with Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel

suz Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 7:07 PM
1. turning point...i know i'm a sap; 2. "you can't handle the truth;" 3. schindler's list; 4. hillary-for-president pin; 5. the borgias; 6. troll doll; 7. bruce springsteen - 3rd row center -- boyfriend; 8. "don't expect anyone to do anything for you, do it yourself -- yes; 9. R-lee greenwood's proud to be an american // D-a song i've recently written called "hmm, the mob DOES rule...badly;" 10. can't sit still long enough to read a book these days so, the Constitution; 11. i'm not a politician but occupy wall street and the silent majority; and 12. never.

If you were to visit all 19,679 homes in an Ohio congressional district how many shoes do you think you would wear out? For Josh Mandel, it was three pairs. In 2006 when he ran and won a seat in the state legislature, he did just that.

Mandel is no stranger to completing a mission. In 2000 he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and graduated first in his class from boot camp. He served for eight years, including two tours in Iraq.

Following his two terms in the Ohio state legislature, Mandel ran for U.S. Treasurer and...