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7 Reasons To Be Optimistic About America's Future

suz Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 4:34 AM
1. if americans didn't see it the first time, they won't see it; 2. romney made that pitch, the people stood there w/their mouth open staring aimlessly; 3. i think you're great john, but each and every one of those items...fading as we speak; 4. i'm afraid the marxists in the white house know this too, and they've made adjustments about 100 years ago and all the way up to the DOE; 5. we gave brazil $200mil to deep-deep drill...petrobras -- we buy our oil from a driller we own; 6. we are not the same kind of people who fought the revolution; 7. no john, history is moving very, very fast under a marxist president stealing our money and giving it away.

Although studies show that we conservatives are usually happier and more optimistic than most about our personal lives, we also tend to be a bit more pessimistic than the average person about the country. We look at our unsustainable level of spending, the dramatically expanding, increasingly lawless welfare state, encouragement of tribalism and class hatred as a political tactic, hostility towards Christianity, schools that teach socialism and liberalism, the morally bankrupt entertainment industry and the reelection of a man who may have had the single worst performance as President of anyone in our nation's history and we quite naturally...