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Polls: Ties in MI, MN, NH, OH, PA

suyu Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 4:47 AM
If you thought Gridlock was strong ove rht e past 4 years - wait til you see how the next 4 will be with Obama as President....he will be weaker than ever.....for anything at all to be done it will need to be with heavy compromise with Republicans...also another landslide for Republicans in 2014 mid-terms.

Kevin's covered most of the national numbers; here's a quick rundown of last-minute state polls:

Michigan - A Fox 2 Detroit poll has Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by a fraction of a point, rounded-up to 48/47.  The sample is D+9, which is pretty reasonable for the state.  A few other polls have shown this race close, but most surveys give Obama the edge.  Definitely a heavy lift for the GOP ticket.

Minnesota - On the heels of an eye-opening Star Tribune poll showing the race within the margin of error last...