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Good News: Bill Maher Warming Up to Chris Christie

suyts Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 2:23 PM
Guy, you're simply wrong. Christie didn't have to shun him in order not to gush over Obama. Heck, I thought he was going to dry hump him on TV!!! He did exactly what people are saying. He torpedoed Romney so he could have a crack at it. I'll never forget what that moron did. If he's as politically oblivious as he and you claim, he doesn't stand a chance. But, most importantly, Guy, QUIT LETTING THE LSM PICK OUR CANDIDATES!!!!!! I'm sick of supporting non-conservatives who have no principle foundation with what the majority of conservatives believe. For myself, and millions of others, this was the last time. If you want to ensure a Repub party split keep talking up these RINOs.

Townhall denizens are well aware of this guy's mean-spirited schtick and money-where-his-mouth-is partisanship, so what to make of this?


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