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After Obama’s Weak Debate Performance, I’m Now Predicting a Razor-Thin Election

suyts Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 2:45 AM
Dan, forget RCP, they average bad polls and then come up with an answer. That's like climate science. Just look to Rasmussen, they've got a great track record, and were spot on last election. Romney has a bounce from the last debate, but we've more to go, but this one helped immensely because it destroyed the false narrative of the LSM and the Obama campaign. (pardon my redundancy) When making projections, you have to look to what will be and not what is. Florida is Romney's, and he'll keep it, most likely. Ohio is a coin toss now, but the momentum is Romney's. Sununu will carry NH for Mitt. Rasmussen has Iowa for Romney now, and it's likely going to stay that way, maybe. Another performance like the last and........

On the big issue of who wins the presidential election, I’ve been as constant as the north star.

But for state-by-state estimates, I’ve been flipping back and forth like a corrupt politician (pardon my redundancy) trying to decide between two interest groups.