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Liberal Logic: To Prevent Rape, Teach Men Not To Rape

Susan Pillsbury Taylor Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 10:56 AM
One of the swiftest ways to teach men not to rape is by immediate repercussions, and the possibility of their victims being able to shoot them is at immediate as you can get. Just the increased possibility of their "victims" being able to defend themselves would have an impact, in the same way this translates into other areas where aggressive behavior isn't as prevalent where it isn't tolerated. Interesting that when it comes to violent crimes, liberal idealogy can dismiss addressing the loss of family values, violence in film and videos and pornography, and zoom right in on gun control: But when it comes to a woman's right to defend herself against rape, suddenly the issue is all about addressing the underlying issue.

Last night Fox News' Hannity, Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell argued that in order to stop rape, we should teach men not to rape.

Got that ladies? So long as you nicely ask your rapist to go away, he will.

Reality check: Rape is illegal (which by definition means "don't do it") and as a society we highly condemn it. This doesn't change the fact rape happens often. Luckily thanks to concealed carry, rape and other violent crime has rapidly decreased over the past few years. Maxwell is correct when...

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