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When 1,099 Felons Vote In A Race Won By 312 Ballots

Susan4585 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 8:58 AM
We all knew Franken was elected out the trunks of cars with boxes of 'forgotten' votes. What a bunch of cheaters. We need voter ID! The left learned years ago that they couldn't win legitimately and have been cheating their way through ever since! OMG and Eric Holder, too!
In the eyes of the Obama administration, most Democratic lawmakers and left-leaning editorial pages across the country, voter fraud is a problem that doesn't exist. Allegations of fraud, they say, are little more than pretexts conjured up by Republicans to justify voter ID laws designed to suppress Democratic turnout.

That argument becomes much harder to make after reading a discussion of the 2008 Minnesota Senate race in "Who's Counting?", a new book by conservative journalist John Fund and former Bush Justice Department official Hans von Spakovsky. Although the authors cover the whole range of voter fraud issues, their chapter on Minnesota...