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Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

Susan4585 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 10:43 AM
Unions, started out being the salvation of the working class, now a pariah in the system. Its all politics. They need to be dismantled.
wiseone Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 11:23 AM
It is not a coincidence that unions in this country exist almost entirely in organizations that are monopolistic in nature; where the customer has no other practical option.

Public education is particularly evil in this regard. Not onlt do the government and their union cohorts refuse to allow parents the option of choosing schools where their children will get a good education instead of the schools in the district they live in by denying vouchers (or some other free-market tool), they REQUIRE parents, on pain of criminal charges, to send there kids to school. In CA parents aren't even allowed to home school their kids unless a "certified teacher" supervises it.

The trouble with education in this country starts and ends with unions. They are out-of- touch museum relics, fitting for a day that used rotary presses to distribute the news, but wildly inappropriate for an age that‘s both wired and wireless.

Unions have prevented, and continue to prevent, much-needed reforms in education, public finance and government. They cultivate a sense of entitlement wholly out of order for the times, which call for more self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Frankly, unions suck.


They suck the money out of our wallets; they suck productivity out of workers; and suck up all the leavings from the...