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Nuns Are Part of A Valuable Religious Debate

Susan4585 Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 12:47 AM
My best friend wouldn't tell me he was gay because he was afraid I would think he was a pedophile. When in fact I think there are many more heterosexual pedophiles than homosexual. Anyone who thinks of children as sex objects are sick. But I am disgusted by the church hiding the pedophiles behind their walls. I think a lot of priests are gay, but the ones who prey on children are not men of God. And so therefore I also believe many of the nuns are indeed lesbians. I also believe that gay/lesbians are born the way they are, and I will treat them all with respect as human beings.

The warmth with which elderly Catholic nuns have been greeted on their cross-country bus tour to protest Republican cuts to the federal budget is hugely encouraging. The sisters and I may disagree about certain things, particularly the budget plan of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan -- who is Catholic -- but what a blessed country we live in, where a major public argument centers on how to best care for the poor and unfortunate.

One reporter said the nuns were "greeted like heroes" outside Ryan's office. "For the sisters, the tour is about more than debating points," a Huffington Post dispatch said,...