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Dismantling America

Susan2915 Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 11:40 AM
Read Mark Levin's book The Liberty Amendments and get to work to put into motion what the Framers gave us -- Article V of the Constitution, to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. It won't happen unless We the People get this going. The out-of-control Federal Leviathan will smother us all unless we get the States to call a convention to amend the Constitution and start to get back the rightful limits to power of the government. Only the People can save America at this point. Washington and the corporate elite will not give up their own power. The Framers foresaw this day and gave us the means in Article V.
Where did they get the money to pay for all those posters announcing the shutdown???
But more than just organizers, we need true Conservatives to run for local, county, and state positions -- school boards are crucial, as are county freeholders, etc. It's necessary to be on the inside, not just organizing against.
If we just sit by and lament what he's doing and still wants to do, we will be done unto. Like-minded folks (i.e., We the People) need to stand up and take back our rights from this oppressive government. It looks like Mark Levin may be guiding the way using the Constitution itself (Article V, section 2) in his new book The Liberty Amendments. Let's stop lamenting and get to work to turn this mess around.
It bears repeating that Mark Levin's newest book The Liberty Amendments is based on the way out of this mess built into the Constitution by the Framers. Let's get to work!
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Walk a Hutterite Mile in Their Shoes

Susan2915 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 7:28 AM
Maybe this discussion can give us some deeper insights into why the Pilgrims came to Plymouth in 1650 -- we all learned about their coming to America in search of religious freedom because of the heavy restrictions they dealt with in England. America was the last frontier of such freedom and now look what's happening!! King Obama rules???
(continuation:) happening in the US. Oh yes, and after you’ve destroyed belief in God, made the founders of the country just “old white men who had slaves” you take away people’s respect for the military that has protected their freedoms – expose every scandal. (Used to be that men in high places had affairs and discretion was the rule – look at Gen’l Eisenhower – you think he could be elected president this day in age?
I was thinking this morning, what steps have to be achieved if someone wants to destroy a great country? You have to destroy its value system by cheapening the popular culture; make language and meaning ambiguous and imprecise; make the belief in G-d or a higher power something that “intelligent, modern, sophisticated” people make fun of and abhor; take away the various holidays that have formed some kind of cultural cohesion and cause for celebration; lower the standards in education by teaching everything except the basics; make it something shameful to be rich or have more than others; take competition out and replace it with “cooperation” and group think rather than individual ambition; there are more, I’m sure – but it’s all happening
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