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If you don't watch Fox, you don't get the truth; if you don't like Fox, you don't want to hear the truth.
The debate was a clear contrast with leadership style: Obama belittles, deprecates and insults the other side and has shown no interest in bipartisanship or compromise. Romney praises the other side when it is due, then says he will work with the other side; this is not just an election promise, he's done it. He has a record of bipartisan success and accomplishments as a Republican governor with a legisture packed with democrats. There is no doubt who is going to get things done in Washington in the next four years and this debate proved it's Romney.
How idiotic and short-sighted to waste a vote on a candidate who will never win; these people must be the children of those who voted for Ross Perot, the dimwits who gave us the Clintons forever and ever and ever.
Romney is going to fight to win this election; if he had gone soft on Obama last night, he would have lost many Republicans -- we want him to fight for it, "get in his face" every time Obama lies, no matter what the pundits on Fox say. Mitt will be vindicated for the mistake by the biased Crowley, who had to walk back her comment; MItt will bring it up again on Monday. Real Americans want the truth so we know where we stand. If Obama is re-elected, I will buy a gun.
You're spending too much time in La La Land, Mrs. Obama; you and your husband don't have an intelligent or educated thought between you regarding the state of the economy or how to actually improve it.
A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama; if Obama wins, we will end up with a 5-4 liberal Supreme Court that will wreak havoc on our Constitutional rights and freedoms for decades, among other disasters, and it will be thanks to third-party airheads like yourself. Remember that the idiots who voted for Ross Perot gave us the lying, cheating, conniving, continually nauseating Bill and Hillary.
Amazing. Holder supposedly knew nothing, heard nothing, not a word about Fast and Furious; supposedly the people working directly under him cooked up the scheme all on their own with no authority from the top. Anyone who believes that is a stupid fool.
Empty chair - empty suit. That's Obama. Libertarians who want more liberty need to realize: a vote for a third party is a vote for Obama and a vote for LESS liberty -- your cause will be hurt the most and it will be your own fault. At this point it's all about getting the socialist/marxist radicals out of power and restoring the constitution and rule of law.
Well, the economy IS bad and it IS his fault -- time to give him the "one term proposition" he shot off his mouth about. These people in the audience are the biggest dunces on the planet, except maybe the French.
As liberals like to declare with disdain, Mitt Romney has been running for the presidency for 8 years; he wanted to win the nomination in 2008 and knew he would have to release tax returns at that time if he did become the nominee, so Reid's slanderous charge doesn't make sense. The democrats love to demand standards for Republicans as a trap for criticism and Republicans usually fall for it. Good for Mitt -- he isn't falling for it and hopefully he won't cave in.
People should also know about the daughter of one of his employees who had disappeared; Mitt closed the office and put all his resources to look for her -- and it was successful. How many employers would do such a thing? The guy is not only a wizard at turning deficits into surpluses and honest to the core, but he is an amazing humanitarian. Will 60 minutes do a show on these successes? don't hold your breath.
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