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Secretary Kerry?

Susan2680 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 6:57 PM
It is worse with Kerry's medals: he convinced those veterans to throw away their medals, while he tossed out fake medals and kept his real medals intact. I don't understand why those vets don't speak out about this hypocrisy. Bring on the Swiftboat guys; Kerry will probably be confirmed but let's have all that good stuff tossed around again for fun, and for the sake of Teresa Heinz-Ketchup's dead husband, who served in Congress as a Republican and from whom she inherited all the money.
Thanks Fox and O'Reilly for getting this guy out. But thanks for NOTHING, Hillary -- your State Department is a disaster by its own admission and you should resign in humiliation after that report. All you did is fly around the world, giggle like a school girl with your buck teeth hanging out, and expand your backside. Sorry, but I'm really angry this woman is not getting hammered with so many admitted failures and 4 dead Americans, including an Ambassador for heavens sake. She should resign, repay her salary and travel expenses in full. By the way, rouyesu: skipped all your posts; waste of time.
Hillary Clinton's legacy: 1 dead ambassador, 1 dead official, 2 dead Navy seals. Dead due to her negligence in not "answering the 3am call". Both she and Obama are too cowardly to send help or do anything at all; they need much more than a few hours to see how they can manipulate the situation to their advantage. Since they didn't get time, they decided to simply lie and keep on lying until everyone is worn out and it goes away. Let's not forget that the seals died with the stark, heartbreaking realization that help was not coming from the s.o.b's in WashDC.
One last plea to libertarians and other third party voters: please reconsider and vote Romney, if Obama gets another 4 years, liberal judges will likely have the majority in the Supreme Court and our Constitutional freedoms will be decimated for years to come. Come to your senses and vote for the freedoms you claim are so near and dear to you.
The problem is not that he is black, the problem is that he is a democrat. Never ever ever again vote for a democrat for anything
The left is setting the stage for "Republicans stole the election" if Romney wins.
Doesn't the not-so-learned professor-in-chief know that he already has a Department of Commerce, which has a Secretary, and that commerce actually means business? A lot of last ditch efforts to sound like a businessman and cancelling campaign events to monitor the hurricane -- like a guilty husband who's been caught cheating -- nothing can make up for not even trying to rescue our guys in Benghazi.
If you don't watch Fox, you don't get the truth; if you don't like Fox, you don't want to hear the truth.
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