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Better yet, give him a "proper Christian burial"!
Having worked in IT for nearly 30 years and knowing the feds haven't finalized their business rules and requirements, the exchanges cannot complete their technical requirements - the foundation for all IT work. So this means if they do go forward October 1, the exchanges will be wrought with technical issues because the systems won't have adequate business rules to consistently process claims and eligibility. Personally, I believe this will collapse under its own weight...hopefully before October 1.
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Wolfe Cries Fox

Susan2246 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 12:11 PM
I'm tired of being bullied by liberals. Having just put 2 kids through "higher learning", it's just incredible how openly biased the teaching staff is and pleased my kids didn't lose their own opinions. They frequently comment that they're looking forward to the day that they get those calls for alumni donations because they'll get the last laugh.
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