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The Quarrel With Morals

Susan221 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 11:37 PM
Since the purpose of all Law is "Justice" and "Justice" is a Virtue---the "Queen of Virtues" actually, it is ridiculous to "think" that "Just Laws" are NOT moral law. Our country was founded on Universal Truth. Our Jurisprudence on the ideas that we have unalienable Rights from God (Universal Truth). So, to argue that there is no morality in U.S. law is irrational. All laws, if they are Just Law, have to promote Justice (Virtue). Laws that promote Vice (like sodomy) are unconstitutional because they force the idea that Evil is Good. You can not use other human beings as a "means to an end" in Christian Ethics which is embedded. Can't have that in America. It warps all relationships to a sick, unnatural, immoral worldview of Satan.

“He is not a moral man,” a friend of mine said, in reference to a prominent attorney of our mutual acquaintance. It took me aback for a moment. Not because I questioned the assessment. Rather, because it opens the door to a flood of the kind of jokes people love to make about lawyers … often enough, with good reason.

What struck me was the great sadness with which my friend, himself an attorney, made his statement. It was not an accusation, but a sad recognition that a man vested with playing a prominent part in some of the most crucial...