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Wasn't Keynes a Fabian Socialist? What does that tell EVERYONE! BTW, he was also a known sodomite whose letters brag where to find little boys for his homosexual orgies. Why does this matter? His elite "friends" at Harvard and in England were powerful sodomites, who wanted to normalize "sodomy" in culture. When you destroy Virtue in a culture, you will collapse the civil society. Inflation is one way to redistribute wealth, but destroying morality of a people is another, and Christian Ethics were intentionally targeted by the Socialists/Hollywood/public schools/Dewey. Slaves of the flesh, make great slaves for the state, and are easy to manipulate and control. Pavlovian methodology (Wundtian Psychology) was put into the public schools to destroy Wisdom and Knowledge and Reason in our children. Ideas matter---and people who are as sick and warped as Keynes--should NEVER be put on a pedestal---nor should his ideology be "tried" and promoted in our schools (which it still is).
This revisionism has been going on since John Dewey destroyed Classical Education---to bring in a NWO. It is just the Hegelian Dialectics at the very end of the "progression"......getting the minds moving more and more to the Left with each generation to eliminate Christianity and the Natural Family--two pillars of Western Civilization--to collapse culture/Destroy Virtue/Trust. Then the State has complete control over every single idea/thought your child will/can have---and they will make them "happy" slaves for the few elites/Satanists.
Exactly why we have Fixed Natural Laws and God-Given Rights in our Supreme Law of the Land. All Founders (since Socrates) understood that Free Republics can never exist without a Virtuous people. All Free Republics HAVE to promote public Virtue (Machiavelli, Locke, Montesquieu, Founders, etc). Justice is the Queen of Virtues. Just Laws have to promote Virtue, otherwise they are "Unjust Law" (John Marshall). Marxists have destroyed our language---twisted the meaning of words to destroy debate of ideas and undermining Truth and Logic and Reason. Without Reason---there can be no Justice---no Just Laws---only arbitrary laws---which, as Cicero stated thousands of years ago---will collapse civil societies--and Freedom will not exist.
Libertarians don't understand that Freedom can not exist without a Virtuous people. (Socrates, Machiavelli, Locke. all Founders, etc). They "think" you can have "Justice" (a Virtue), without promoting Virtue in laws. All Just Laws have to promote Virtue (by definition), because if they promote Vice (sodomy) then they are Unjust Laws which are "Null and Void" according to John Marshall's jurisprudence. Their inability to understand our Supreme Law--"God-Given Rights" or "Rule of Law" "Higher Law" than man-made up arbitrary (evil) laws are extremely Marxist and troubling. We have "Vice" being promoted in our military by force of "Just Laws"????? Ha---that will force Virtue out of our military (Machiavelli) and collapse it.
All politicians should be loyal to the Supreme Law of the Land. These two parties do not uphold the Supreme Law even though they take a God-Given oath---they uphold irrational, Satanic (sodomy), evil behaviors which are promoting Vice----when Justice is a Virtue and Just Laws are always promoting Virtue--never Vice. Unjust Laws are irrational and arbitrary which makes them "Null and Void" according to the jurisprudence of John Marshall---the "father" of our "Legal" system which by definition CAN NEVER promote Vice and unequal (special interests/loop holes) laws. They have destroyed our "Justice" system with the socialist Oliver Wendell Holmes. We need to throw the Neo-Marxists out---because it is antithetical to our Supreme Law .
All Law promotes morality. Justice is a Virtue, so "Just Law" has to promote Virtue (morality). It goes back to Socrates and is illuminated by Cicero and then reiterated by John Locke. We have Fixed Natural Laws--Universal Truth--"God-Given Rights" which predate our Constitution and is protected by that brilliant document. The Marxists are destroying "Right Reason according to Nature" (basis for "Just Law"---and replacing it with convoluted irrational (Marxism/Satanism) arbitrary--man-made-up "Laws" which are unjust by being arbitrary and irrational. There is no science or Natural Laws that give a "Right" to sodomize others. It is evil and irrational. "Rule of Law" (our system) means there is a "Higher Law" than man's laws.
You remove "God-Given Rights" from our Constitution, when you use force of "Law" to promote the Vice of Sodomy which will eliminate Virtue---the only reason for government to exist. As Socrates stated, the only Reason for education is to promote Virtue, because without a Virtuous society, there can be no civil society---just chaos. Machiavelli even stated---that you need to "promote Virtue" in Free Republics for civil society. You can never have Freedom without a Virtuous people (All the Founders). Machiavelli also noted that it was dire to promote Virtue in militaries---why do you think we are forcing our military to take "Pride" in the Vice of Sodomy. It will destroy the Virtuous---just like the Homomafia in the Catholic Church.
Google "Sugar Keynes at Harvard" and see what a vile, twisted, evil mind Keynes had. And we force this vile stuff in our universities---the ideas that collapsed England and are forcing our Supreme Court to consider that there is a God-Given Right so sodomize other human beings. Really a sick, Satanic world these Fabian Socialists want for our children---conditioning and brainwashing to remove Reason and Logic, flip Good and Evil, and instill emotions above intellect (the Prussian design of our "schools"). Sinister and evil was John Dewey and his fellow Fabians.
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The Quarrel With Morals

Susan221 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 11:37 PM
Since the purpose of all Law is "Justice" and "Justice" is a Virtue---the "Queen of Virtues" actually, it is ridiculous to "think" that "Just Laws" are NOT moral law. Our country was founded on Universal Truth. Our Jurisprudence on the ideas that we have unalienable Rights from God (Universal Truth). So, to argue that there is no morality in U.S. law is irrational. All laws, if they are Just Law, have to promote Justice (Virtue). Laws that promote Vice (like sodomy) are unconstitutional because they force the idea that Evil is Good. You can not use other human beings as a "means to an end" in Christian Ethics which is embedded. Can't have that in America. It warps all relationships to a sick, unnatural, immoral worldview of Satan.
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