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Imagine how low his poll numbers would be if the media told the truth.
David Horowitz, once again, frames the challenge correctly. One request - please stop calling the left the "Democratic" party since they are anything but. They are the DEMOCRAT party, nothing more.
In the democrat view, a race mongering non profit like Jesse Jackson's or Al Sharpton's is far more noble than any for-profit, job creating company can be. It's OK if people's wages are confiscated to support causes they reject, so long as the democrats like the cause.
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Has the Right Lost Its Will to Fight?

Susan1266 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 9:46 AM
Supporting the Constitution and rule of law is not right wing nor conservative. It's American. This shows how far along the Marxist/Fascist path the political elites are. RINOs are the same as democrats who are now all left wing. They want a small group to make all the decisions and control all the wealth of an enslaved people. That ever ends well.
The founders warned against direct taxation and we went against them. We must get rid of the income tax. A sales tax would be best (not value-added) because we could make our displeasure known immediately by starving the beast. Next best if a flat tax, no deductions, no "progressive" taxation.
Steve, there is no way that the GOP will agree to run a candidate the base endorses. We see what they did in MS. Do you think they would do any less in primaries where a true conservative - especially a charismatic one - had a lead?
If Republicans are looking for a winning meme to get loyal majorities to vote for them they should try standing four square for the rights of the people - endowed by the Creator as the Constitution says, not by government and fight tirelessly for the rule of law and personal property rights. That's what people really want. Betraying the American people in the hopes that millions of illegals will vote for them at some future point is ludicrous. What kind of third world country will the US be by then?
IRS forced Tea Party applicants to hand over donor lists. Now 10% of Tea Party donors are being audited - 10 times the national average. I am one of them and it is not a "routine" audit. My few donations were from $25 to a max of $100. That is why they wanted the names. That is why IRS should not have them.
Do you look at yourself in the mirror every time you use the word Dipshit? You really should, you know.
The tea party is synonymous with traditional American values of small government as set out in the Constitution and with it, low taxes. The political elite and their lap dog press recognized the threat to their fifedoms that this return to the Constitution would mean and set out to discredit them with spurious accusations of racism and low intelligence. As long as people believe in the Constitution, the tea party will be alive and well.
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