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Affirmative action is no way to run a country.
Adding insult to injury - Holder's wife is an OBGYN who refuses to take Medicaid patients - although other doctors in her practice "Foxhall" do. One other doctor in her practice that does not is Dr. Marilyn Jerome, wife of democrat John Foust of Virginia's 10th district. Just proves what slugs and slimeballs these "political elite" are. These are the folks who think they're so much smarter than we are.
The House had been separately litigating to obtain the records but had gotten nowhere until after Judge Bates ruled that the DOJ finally had to disclose information to Judicial Watch. On September 9, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, citing Judicial Watch’s success, ordered the Justice Department to produce information to Congress by November 3.
That's true but they just got a Vaughn index claiming executive privilege for all documents. Not exactly a cornucopia of information. Probably the same available to the House.
A judge forced Holder to release the documents or go to jail. The House has Holder in contempt of Congress - the first AG ever so held. Without the Senate, that's all they can do.
It's time to put Obama on trial for treason. He has gone way beyond impeachment.
The twit can't spell "signing".
Let's not forget the now 6 innocent American children who Obama has killed by letting diseased illegals swarm this country. Over 600 American children were infected with enterovirus d68 and untold numbers have been paralyzed by it. Obama's a traitor.
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

Susan1266 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 7:46 AM
When we run out of other people's money - which will be soon - they will have no choice but to return to the family structure. Sadly, because democrats have ensured that government dependent blacks have absolutely no skills beyond the criminal, it will be a painful and violent transition for all of society.
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