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Surprise: Reid Flatly Rejects Moderate GOP Offer, Dems Plot to "Break" Republicans

Susan120 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 9:48 AM
The idea that the president can alter LAW unilaterally, which is not Constitutional, and no one notices... plus all the rules of the Senate being ignored... demonstrates to me that the country is on a fast track to Marxism and far too many Americans are ignoring the signs. 0bamaCare will effectively make the Constitution void because it violates so many of our Bill of Rights. The fact that the government is shutdown and millions are upset with the GOP instead of screaming and yelling about the massive spending and outrageous foreign aid projects... eludes me completely. I blame both parties... but I find the fact that Democrats are easily able to SPIN their lies, call names, throw mud, and act like spoiled bullies on the playground to be unconscionable. Where is the voice of common sense?

It's for America, you must understand:

The Post story details the roots and depth of Democrats' intransigence throughout the concurrent shutdown...