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Obama fails History 101

Susan120 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 9:15 AM
Well stated! And definitely accurate!
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A Problem Bigger than Ferguson

Susan120 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 10:09 AM
Right! And here's something else: the man is accomplished, well educated [he hasn't sealed his college transcripts], and is a patriot. He believes in this country and our Constitution. ALL things that cannot be said about the current president!
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D.C. Disease and the GOP's "Electeds"

Susan120 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 10:07 AM
To some of us... myself included, the reason the GOP is paralyzed and incapable of rational thought or common sense is because the established trend in DC is to completely ignore the folks.... we the people. The folks created the grass roots organization, the Tea Party Patriots... but the old guard GOP has disparaged and trashed them. The dishonesty of politicians, all the way to the WH, is notwithstanding, because the Tea Party is made up of many, many American citizens, taxpayers, etc. who are not racist nor are they all Republicans. While the MainStream Media continues to promote socialist causes through selective reporting, with the help of certain Hollywood celebrities.... the end result is a GOP that cannot stand for anything has as much difficulty making decisions as the current president. And thanks to the government controlled Dept. of Education, our young people are so incredibly brain washed to believe the only real desired government is the socialist government--that owns and controls EVERYTHING. Many actually believe this is equity; it is not! What any form of communism/Marxism [it's all the same] does is systematically eliminates the Middle Class. And here's a news flash, folks: once the government owns & controls everything--there is no more "American Dream" because it cannot be "given" to you. It must be earned.
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Facts vs. Visions

Susan120 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 6:28 PM
The truth is.. this administration has done everything in their power to DIVIDE our nation. I am over 65 and this is the first time in my life that my president called me "the enemy." And the rhetoric is hateful, divisive, and vicious. There are race baiters searching for a cause to further their goals... and the media pushes anything that is outrageous and unconscionable. When a black teen murders a 90+ years old woman, it does not make the news.. because it does not further their agenda. What the rioters did to that truck driver in Los Angeles was possibly the most horrific and unfathomable and they maimed the truck driver for doing nothing more than driving through LA. There are plenty of reasons to be angry.. with the horrible economy and an administration doing all it can to divide and weaken our country... so we don't need rioters and looters in Ferguson. The truth is ...the current administration wanted the Occupy Wall Street protesters to created mass rioting... but eventually, that protest died out. When people are working and have good jobs and the country is flourishing... people don't have a reason to protest. The Media is possibly the most deplorable factor in these cases because they report on things that further their agenda. It's a sad day in American when the MainStream Media will do anything to create mass hysteria and rioting.... because they want this country to be socialist. What they don't realize is that once the nation is a full blown socialist state----the Media will be under total government CONTROL and will only print or report on what the government approves. Most won't read Dr Sowell's article because they don't want to cloud the issues with facts.
Young people today won't know that there was once a time people in this country could disagree and still be friends. Not anymore! Today, the IRS and EPA and 3 dozen other government agencies have forgotten about the RULES, the LAW, and who pays their salaries... as they go out of their way to attack and punish anyone who doesn't share their Marxist beliefs. If you say Bless You when someone sneezes, you can be punished. It's insane and wrong. God help us all.
Excuse me? 0bama is not interested in working with Congress? Are you kidding? He is not interested in working with anyone who does not idolize him as some great Marxist Dictator who is going to save the world by bringing down the good ol' USA. Using Alinsky methods, along with hints from Mein Kampf--he could write the book on HOW TO destroy a culture, divide a country and wipe out the American Dream. He is not interested in working with ANYONE. He is possibly the single most NARCISSISTIC person I have ever seen giving a myriad of speeches on TV.
This woman hasn't a CLUE about how the rest of us survive... in an economy being choked by the current administration. She's a LIAR.
Using such a tragedy to fuel up race riots is an embarrassment to the nation.. but it should not surprise anyone who understand the ultimate goal of the 0bama administration. How do you take over a country and nullify a Constitution? By inciting violence and rioting. When it did not work with Occupy Wall Street---not that the Democrats didn't encourage every bit of what went down by funding them, honoring them, getting uneducated celebrities to join them, having the president come out and encourage them, Nancy Pelosi honoring them, etc. ---but it simply died down because of our horrible freedom-choking economy. With people like Morgan Freeman coming out against the Tea Party Patriots... calling them RACISTS, and the media doing all they can to encourage DIVISION, which is also sponsored by the WH and the DOJ...remember the New Black Panthers who got a pass on voter intimidation, suggesting that because it was done to Blacks years ago.. it was okay for them to engage in voter intimidation and violence NOW. From the onset of this administration and with the new concept of presidential disrespect, this administration has done everything it could to DIVIDE this country and encourage HATE and RACIAL tensions. When the WH is used for such a platform as it is now, it is very difficult to see our president as a leader or as someone representing ALL the people--especially when he has dropped our southern border, destroyed our economy with freedom choking regulations and Exec Orders... and reduced hard working American taxpayers into second class drones. Marxism has always systematically eliminated the Middle Class, although 0bama's techniques have certainly ramped up discord in America. I never had a president tell me I was "the enemy" before 0bama.
0bama and his administration has been trying to encourage an all-out war between segments of society--any excuse to declare Martial Law? And when the Occupy Wall Street protesters didn't provide it--even though they were encouraged and celebrated by the administration, 0bama, and Pelosi..... they are still looking for a catalyst. The simple truth is.. the Justice System should play out---without the manipulation of Eric Holder, the Attorney General Racist or 0bama, the president who has a law degree and continues to state on camera that although he knows NOTHING of the facts, he has an opinion for the outcome. Looks like the Marxist college professors have done their best to subvert any chance of REAL JUSTICE FOR US ALL.
Once again.. this "lawyer" stands in front of a camera and makes comments about a legal matter that he knows NOTHING about. He just loves injecting himself into matters to demonstrate his ignorance and arrogance in public.
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Attacking Achievement

Susan120 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 4:15 PM
The problems with our éducation system began with the establishment of the Dept. of Education---under Carter--and the idea that it was more important to teach our students to FEEL good about themselves than to actually be educated. The dropped tracking--which actually HELPED students catch up in their various difficult areas---and focused on making sure everyone FEELS good about themselves. So, how good do you feel when you graduate from high school and have no reading comprehension or critical thinking skills? Well, if you are merely going to vote Democrat in every election---which will eventually cost our freedom & liberty, I guess the answer is NONE. I am sick and tired of people insisting everyone be equal. WE ARE NOT EQUAL. Some of us work two jobs, attend college with a family, etc. ... while others reach for the government handouts to survive.
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