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Why Rudy and Walker Were Right

Susan120 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 12:39 PM
I am not sure what anyone could honestly expect from a man who disliked this country... and never considered himself a citizen of this country--attending college as a foreign student. He only considered himself a citizen when it became expedient for him to do so. He is an Anti-American Marxist Muslim who rode into the WH with the help of the far left Media... to socialize our nation. 0bamaCare is neither affordable, nor is it about health care. He won't state anything against ISIS because he is already in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Bottom line: he wanted the presidency to destroy our liberty and freedom. To date, he's done one hell of a job!
Well stated! Thank you for recognizing that when the Liberals have no viable argument against a possible opponent.... they make personal attacks and try to destroy the individual via the Media. Look what they did to Sarah Palin.
When Howard Dean came out all hot-under-the-collar about Scott Walker not finishing college.... I had to laugh. We have a president who graduated from two highly respected colleges and he didn't know we only have 50 states, he was unable to pronounce Navy Corpsmen, he dislikes the military, is overloading our nation with illegal aliens, and ... he is an Anti-American Marxist Muslim who didn't even consider himself a citizen of the US until it became expedient for him to do so. Personally, I'd be glad to have Scott Walker as president... since he LOVES this country and respects the military.
For a man who has repeatedly used the RACE issues to make sure he won elections... being insulted over a comment concerning the number of blacks who turned out to vote is superfluous. 0bama is clearly in the wrong field if he is going to be so incredibly sensitive about his RACE when he's used the RACE CARD multiple times to gain favor. It's more mendacity.
NO ONE BELIEVES this unemployment statistic! Too many regulations choking out small businesses plus a strangle-hold on our economy by the federal government. The spending has been unbelievably rampant... and still we have a president who pretends to have the most transparent administration in history. Transparent ... like tar. And I am not blaming Bush... because at the end of his presidency, we had a Democratic Marxist Congress.
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Obama Versus America

Susan120 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 10:53 AM
t's all part of the plan to shift the land of the free into a socialist state because we are such horrible people. Once again, 0bama shows his true colors---he's definitely anti-American and being elected the first black president evidently demonstrates nothing to him. Or maybe it's because he knows that much of the election was fraudulent? I would guess he knows more about Chicago-style politics than most ...so if he can't see his election as a step forward... there are only two possible explanations: he knows that playing the RACE card gets him more points and silences his critics... or he knows he would never have been elected without the massive fraud that was employed.
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Amnesty Doesn't Reduce The Deficit

Susan120 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 10:42 AM
Only a complete moron could honestly believe adding more people to an already depressed and regulated economy ...would cost less. 0bamaCare will probably destroy our monetary system, which was one of the benefits for the Marxists in power.
We elected an anti-American Marxist Muslin to the WH... and any form of Marxism, no matter what fancy name you call it---liberalism, progressivism, communism, socialism--it is a fact that any form of Marxism systematically eliminates the Middle Class. And yes, Bear Trax, we are getting screwed, ROYALY.
The insanity of this concept that illegal aliens have some rights to anything in our country demonstrates how utterly removed DC is from our U.S. Constitution and the rule of LAW. Political correctness won't change the fact that they are here illegally and breaking our laws. She should not be Attorney General. How can she swear an oath of office to uphold a Constitution that she has already ignored and disparaged?
0bama's policies are nothing more than the Cloward-Piven plan to bankrupt and destroy our country.... so they can establish a socialist state where the government owns and controls everything. People think it's outrageous... but look at all that's happening. Keynesian economics does not work except in a controlled laboratory environment.
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