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Why do we even have the facility in the first place? I can think of better uses for 450 million. Aside from ex gitmo turned Syrian "resistance" commanders, what does the place produce, other than American sponsored terror cells that now work for us in the purposely failed states of the "Arab Spring"? Gitmo is a boondoggle. As are the bizarre shadow wars and lies pushed by the current and former administration. There's no reason why a prison camp couldn't be set up at Camp Leatherneck, prisoners tried and convicted with due process, and sentences carried out. Of course that would mean honesty and disclosure, and a real objective to this whole fiasco.
Perhaps she would acknowledge that universal background checks would not have helped her or prevented the tragedy. Or maybe acknowledge that the system that was supposed to take care of her attacker was also a miserable failure, and it still is. What a sad and pathetic use of a damaged woman.
I am sad that Mr. Hewitt doesn't include such scholars as Tom DiLorenzo, who might show that the butcher Lincoln was actually the worst thing to happen to the country, at least until the latest Illinois politician occupied the White house. At least he keeps his killing offshore for now. Any praise for Sherman is a nod to genocidal manics everywhere.
The only dots the NSA collects are the dots it wants to use for fear, intimidation, and blackmail when it plans the next false flag. We have entered the realm of totalitarianism. Goldberg knows that full well. Healthy skepticism? Really? Try outrage!
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$10.5 Billion Per Day

survival 6 Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 7:04 PM
Those kids are in debt because we all stupidly agree agree to pay the protection money this corrupt government demands at gunpoint. As long as we teach kids that it's their duty to pay, the problem will continue. And who teaches them to pay? Employees of the corrupt Oligarchs that run things. Biggest. Scam. Ever.
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