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$10.5 Billion Per Day

survival 6 Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 7:04 PM
Those kids are in debt because we all stupidly agree agree to pay the protection money this corrupt government demands at gunpoint. As long as we teach kids that it's their duty to pay, the problem will continue. And who teaches them to pay? Employees of the corrupt Oligarchs that run things. Biggest. Scam. Ever.
A young mother with four beautiful children in tow came up to me in Colorado Springs this week. She motioned to her young children – all smiles and laughs – and told me that each one of them is now nearly $52,000 in debt because irresponsible government spending which as greatly accelerated during the Obama Administration. Children who aren’t old enough to pick out their clothes for school and still need help tying their shoes are in debt through absolutely no fault of their own.

She told me we had to do something about all the spending, to make sure...

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