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Tackling Fairness and Justice

Surtr Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 1:38 AM
The irony of a tireless 3rd World immigration enthusiast lecturing us about not voting for entitlements is too much. You can't save the conservative movement in America by importing those who despise American traditions. You can't try to cut entitlements when you endlessly bang the drums to import more of the group who use welfare the most. Next we need to hear Linda on how we're going to fix America's problem with street gangs.
The last year has been a tough one for conservatives. The hope that four years of failed policy would be enough to repudiate the liberal/progressive ideology of the Obama administration ended when the majority of the American public voted to maintain their entitlements -- so long as someone else paid for them. And the conservative response to the debacle has been for the various factions within the movement to declare war on each other.

It's time for conservatives to give serious thought to what they believe and how they can make a more persuasive case that conservative principles offer...