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Romney Should Show He's a Leader, and Here's How

Surtr Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 6:45 PM
The fantasy that Hispanics will vote Republican if only we flood our nation with them is ridiculous. Try preaching tough on crime to a group prone to crime. Try telling them that they don't deserve special treatment for jobs or college seats. Tell the group most likely to use welfare that we will be cutting such programs. Try preaching family values to a group with illegitimacy at double the white rate. They are a disaster by any metric..... don't let them in!
If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of beating President Barack Obama in November, he must win a larger share of the Hispanic vote than current polls suggest he will. And he won't unless he solves his immigration problem.

It's a problem of his own making. He decided that beating up on illegal immigrants would boost his popularity among those suspicious that he was really a moderate Republican. In doing so, he injected an issue into the campaign that had largely fizzled -- and for good reason. Illegal immigration is down to historical lows -- primarily because the U.S. economy continues...