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When will any of our spineless leaders point out that importing a crime-ridden, academically failing, gang-addled, resentful underclass who uses welfare more than any other group is not going to improve our nation? When our kids suffer violence in newly failing schools courtesy of our new underclass, we should never forget that Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham are personally responsible for that violence. What shall be their just reward?
Rubio suffers the delusion that he can become the savior of Hispanics and ride their tide into the White House. That he couldn't carry the Hispanic vote in Florida doesn't deter his grand visions. That Hispanics, who commit enormous crime, use welfare more than any other group, benefit enormously from affirmative action set-asides, and have majority illegitimacy will never vote for a party who preaches law & order, self-sufficiency, equality, and family values seems not to have occurred to Marco, or other 'conservative' his-panderers. He'll get them amnestied and they'll continue to fail in school, join gangs, ruin neighborhoods, vote themselves ever more jobs & welfare, and vote Democrat. The treason lobby marches on.
That's so good that I'm having a hard time believing a leader could show such spine!
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The Other Immigration Crisis

Surtr Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 7:31 AM
It is a canard that we have a shortage of highly skilled workers. Even graduates in the STEM disciplines are having trouble finding work. What is happening is that employers are just as eager to drive down wages for their engineers and scientists just like they are for their blue collar positions. Nor should White America favor displacement by highly skilled Asian workers in matters non-job. What we cherish in the American tradition can't be transplanted. See for well documented analysis of the immigration issue legal and illegal.
"And he represents Florida, where 23 percent of residents are of Hispanic origin." He didn't carry the Hispanic vote in Florida, yet he foolishly thinks passing this treasonous bill will earn him the love of Hispanics who will lead him to the presidency in America 2.0. Hispanics, despite the claims of Karl Rove & Newt Gingrich, are NOT "natural conservatives". They are a high crime, high poverty, high welfare-using, high illegitimacy people who will vote their ethnic interests no matter how much the GOP hispanders. Rubio is filth.
The treason lobby must omit Mexico's pawning off it's underclass onto us and, more important, the performance of Mexicans in the US. Hispanics are a disaster by every metric we have: gang membership, criminality, academic achievement, poverty, welfare use, illegitimacy, and politically. Barone supports the import of a new underclass in the foolish delusion that they'll vote Republican if "we just reach out and show we're not racist". How he'll convince a group that commits a lot of crime, uses welfare more than any other group, and has rampant illegitimacy to vote for a party whose schtick is tough on crime, self-reliance, and family values is mystifying. Treason.
Many of our problems would be almost eliminated if the historic American people had our own country.
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Minority Student Needs

Surtr Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 10:07 PM
The conservative myth that Blacks will do wonderfully if we just abandon multiculturalism, affirmative action, and illegitimacy marches on. Their low intelligence and lack of impulse control are what is holding them back despite job & college seat set asides, promotional advantages, etc. They had an enormous crime problem long before the Great Society programs despite the rosy picture some paint.
Hispanics are a disaster by every metric: Criminality, academic achievement, healthcare, welfare, illegitimacy, and politically. Nor are they assimilating. They are NOT conservatives no matter how many times Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich assure us they are. They join gangs at 20x, drop out at 3x, illegitimacy at 2x, and use welfare more than any other group. We declare a War on Poverty then import a group that is impoverished. We declare a War on Crime then import a group with a huge crime problem. We wring our hands about being the #1 imprisoner in the world then try to amnesty a group who can't obey the law. We cry about our failing schools then import a group who can't succeed academically. The treason lobby marches on.
I said the % have been stable. With a rising population, it would be impossible for absolute numbers not to increase. Here is a visual chart
No my dear hillbilly lady, I got them from the Social Security Administration. Link below.
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