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The perfect recruit for Obama's civil defence force.
the reason for common core is so that none of the students can read or write.
Thats how progressives roll. If students are not dumbed down they would never stand a chance of being elected.
Newt worked for a lobbying firm that was paid by Freddie Mac. That firm over a period of five or six years, received over one million dollars. Newt received much less, I recall 30k. Newt is like Rush, 97% accurate in what he says.
Ronna; Sarah Palin was the captain of the high school basketball team. she was not a cheerleader.
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Let's See You Prove Otherwise

Surly_Curmudgen Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 1:30 PM
except the American people being asked to select the most powerful man in the world From the weakest field of candidates in the past fifty years.
A big Plexiglas cube on the national mall so anyone can come and spit in his face.
And here I was thinking Ryan is a “Sarah Palin” pick, a solid conservative. I am curious as to who twisted Ryan,s running mate,s arm to get him to name Ryan as VP? Who ever it was don’t let him throttle down Ryan. Encourage Ryan to take the throttle to the wall.
Or something else; like turning loose Bill Ayers. (look up Ayers most fervent desire)
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