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Shameless Harry Reid Uses Dead Marines to Fearmonger on Sequester

surfdogtambien Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 4:39 PM
For some time now I've questioned Sen.Reid's mental health . He hears voices telling him Romney didn't pay taxes , he had a conversation with an imaginary little boy about healthcare and now he thinks it's a good idea to insult the Marine Corps. Watch out Harry , the men in the white jackets with the large net are coming for you.

As Ben Shapiro would say, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is dancing on the graves of dead Marines in order to score political points. Today during remarks on the Senate floor about an explosion at an Army base in Nevada last night that killed seven Marines during a training exercise, Reid shamelessly implied sequestration and cut backs in funding were to blame for the accident. 

As I indicated, it was quite a big explosion. We'll follow this news very closely. I will do whatever I can going forward to support the United...