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The voice of desperation in search of something to be correct about has missed again .
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs at the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development . Ever notice the longer the title the less consequential and relevant the speaker .
Bad news for minorities with poor English as a second language skills .They will be let go and the sons and daughters of the middle class will now take those jobs . Once again a policy to help the lower class will hurt them . These people never learn .
When she sits down with journalists there is only one question . Why didn't you help them ?
Don't worry be happy . Three more years of don't worry be happy
We can't be bothered with this . We have to talk about Sterling from now until the Fourth of July . Vital national interest , you know .
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Politics Versus Education

surfdogtambien Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:37 PM
Of course the issue of Charter Schools would disappear if they paid dues to the union . No problem with teaching methods or curriculum just give them the money and the opposition would end .
A couple of years ago my son who ran track in college pulled a hamstring and was out for the rest of the season . Workman's comp. claim eligible ?
The gangsters in MS13 are grateful for you Joe.
Seems that it is possible that the trade in number for a 7 year old Volt will be a negative number . Another 1st for GM and the administration pushing this dog of a car . After looking at that number I doubt the President will be getting one after he leaves office as he once mentioned
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