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I'm one of those small business owners who didn't take a check for over a year and a half while continuing to pay my employees and never laid anyone off . I'm am paying myself again so things are better but there is no certainty the bad old days will not return .
As with most things championed by Democrats the emotion , the concept is all that matters . The end result cannot be criticized because the intention was good .
I never thought to ask . How many people go to Net Root gatherings ? From the look of the video there are about 100 to 200 in attendance . Why does Net Root get any attention at all when their support is so thin ?
She will forget about the vets as quickly as she has forgotten about #bring back our girls .
If he were alive today Caesar Chavez himself would be down at the border protesting for better enforcement because he understood that with an unimpeded influx of of workers , wages would never rise .
Our fence here in the Sam Diego area is very effective . But why even have a fence when the border patrol is busing and flying illegals into the area ? Homeland Security , ICE and the Border Patrol are very effective " Coyote's"
The article mentions Carson's book written in 1962 warning of the sage grouse's demise . I'm curious to know are there more or less of them now ? I'd bet there are more .
Occasionally my work takes me to the clinics and there a sense of deep deep sadness inside .
When their influence is diminished and no one will any longer pay for the speeches , the Clinton's will live off their investment and will pay the same tax rate as Romney who was so vilified . But of course no one will notice .
Iv'e read a lot of comments over the years but this one is in the Hall of Fame for it's stupidity .
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Slavery Reparations

surfdogtambien Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 3:59 PM
President Obama's ancestors were slave traders and no member of fathers or mothers family were ever slaves . Michelle Obama's family does have a history that includes being slaves . So in all fairness the President should pay reparations to his wife and daughters but receive none himself .
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