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Rich Lefties and Their Taxes

surfcitysocal Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 3:48 PM
Hmm. I don't hear the rich lefties screaming about taxing all those "complicated family trusts", but I sure hear them making noise about taxing the Average Joe's IRAs, or worse, just downright confiscating them.
3129 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 4:11 PM
If a 10% flat rate is good enough for God, why isn't it good enough for Obama? Viva la revolucion.
NewJAl Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 4:22 PM
This would cause Jamie Foxx some confusion, as he has declared Obama to be God.
John910 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 6:05 PM
Because obama thinks he is god, as do his zombie followers. (Captials intentionally deleted.)
Carl469 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 7:29 PM
God doesn't need any money. He'll manage fine without it. As for Obama, well, I don;t like the election results but there's not I can do about it.
NewJAl Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 4:06 PM
Want to point out, again, that Buffet actually has a company owing federal taxes and his lawyers are fighting paying what he is told he owes. Also he has used the rules and intelligent timing to save himself millions in taxation, right now. The man is a lying hypocrite, and I think it a grand Country when a nobody like me can speak the truth. In the Countries all of Obama's mentors and buddies seem to want, some guys in red shirts, with guns, would show up at my door.

Ah, the hypocrisy of tax-hikers who do everything they can to avoid the taxes they wish to impose on others.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.: He tried to avoid $500K in his home state's sales and excise taxes by docking his newly purchased $7 million 76-foot yacht in Rhode Island.

Massachusetts lowered its state income tax in 2001. Given the presumably large number of rich people who pine to pay more taxes, the state allowed tax filers to check a box and voluntarily pay the old, higher rate. In a liberal state of over 3 million tax filers, how...