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Campaign 2012 in a Nutshell: Wrong Ideas Vs. No Ideas

surfcitysocal Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 8:49 AM
Thanks for making my case. The biggest problem with the GOP is the weeniefication of the party and its refusal to stand for anything while it continues to move steadily to the left. Romney is the absolute embodiment of that. So our choice is the weenie leftist vs. the neophyte bumbling leftist. I choose neither.
mollymmo Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 10:42 AM
I really can't see how not voting is a way to go. WE HAVE TO GET RID OF BO. I don't think the GOP are weenies, but that is no reason not to vote for them. Better to vote for the filth and lies told by dems...? How is that smart?
Harold206 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 9:26 AM
So, let me get this straight... You're not going to vote, which is in effect, voting for the neophyte bumbling leftist. In this election there is no abstention. Every "no vote" is a vote for the status quo, and it kind of reminds me of an Illinois State Senator who always voted "present" instead of making a choice.

Get some cajones and make it count! VOTE FOR SOMEBODY

Charlotte, N.C. -- Going by the conventional rules of American politics, the Democratic Convention this week was an unmitigated disaster. And, going by the same rules, GOP convention was a disaster, too. So, either the rules of American politics have fundamentally changed, or at least one of the parties is taking an enormous gamble.

Since the Nixon years, the GOP has enjoyed a marked advantage over the Democrats at the presidential level. Cultural issues -- race, religion, abortion, patriotism -- have worked to the Republicans' advantage. Until Barack Obama's election in 2008, no Democrat has won the presidency without aggressively...