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Mitt is another huge Republican catastrophe. He is an example of why I quit the Republican Party and went "Decline to State!" I will no longer run with the pack and vote for whatever garbage the Party gives me, just to win an election. You may win the election with Romney but the Party will die..
I am starting to lean toward Romney, because I know that he, at least, is for both sides of every argument... Also since Romney has a lot of money, he is only interested in the power he can get by becoming president. I look forward to the next four years of Romney running for re-election.
No wonder I quit the Republican Party, with Mitt being the best they can put up against, a sure looser, Obama. I can't tell the difference between the two.
Why would Sarah Palin want to work in a communist administration? She has been more effective working with conservatives, in spite of her running with that old guy, what's his name, who beat Romney last time.
You are probably right, Romney looks like he will win, but I am not going to hold my nose and vote for whatever garbage the Republican Party want to run, ever again. Call me when they have something other than Democrat-lite running.
Vote early, vote often!
We need higher taxes to save our schools! Without unlimited dollars, our schools could drop from 50th to 57th in the nation!!
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Poll: Obama 49 - Romney 46, But...

surfcitybob Wrote: May 22, 2012 3:57 PM
Here we have a chance to kick out the second worse president since Carter, and what do the Republicans give us to run against him? Mitt RINO! No wonder the Republicans are only running neck and neck against Obummer! I bet there will be a lot of p***ed off Republican voters after Mitt gets the presidency and continues the downward spiral Obama started.
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