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And he's back.
Then MSNBC, NBC, CBS, & ABC are one and the same with Fox. Glad you agree.
Mets versus Yankees. ------------------------------------- Who cares about baseball? Go Broncos!
Just what Jesus would have said in one of his sermons. ---------------------------------------------------------- The above statement isn't an example of irony, it's a feeble attempt at a joke. Irony is being a devout vegetarian then getting crushed to death in a car accident by a truck full of cucumbers. What you said was just stupid.
Why are so many conservatives missing the irony gene? -------------------------------------------------------- If you perceive we're missing the irony gene, perhaps it's because you're neither funny nor eloquent. Just throwing that out there for discussion. You leftists love blaming every single shortcoming you flaunt on everyone but yourselves.
Because he turned over a change table?
Natural conclusion based on your habitual hatred of Christianity.
Just what Jesus would have said in one of his sermons. ------------------------------------------------- Based on what evidence? Why do you atheists comment on that which you obviously hate? It makes no sense for those who profess to be so rational, and hold their atheism as proof positive of their mind set, to harbor such an irrational hatred of spirituality. Why do you care?
I didn't ask nor are you qualified to answer for anyone else.
You assume far too much. Not surprising coming from a leftist troll.
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