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The Bottom of Michelle's Rump, comes up to Obama's Waist ---------------------------------------------------- Yetis are very tall. Even Lawrence Taylor would be afraid of Michele "Ignore my yeti like appearance" Obama.
Did you just quote Vanilla Ice?
I have never cited MSNBC, at any frequency level. Fox News has high ratings because there's a lot of dumb conservatives in America, people who gladly embrace ignorance, fear and hatred. It's sad but true. ------------------------------------------------------- So, you assert that Fox news has such lofty ratings, higher than CNN in fact, mainly because their core demographic is stupid. Then you elevate yourself over those you hold in contempt by saying only they hate their country, as evidenced by a disagreement with your politics. In short, you feel conservatives are stupid, liberals are smart, Fox News is evil and propaganda, and generalizations are disgraceful. Congrats, you are what you hate, an intolerant fan of stereotypes
Totally false. Probably reported on Fox News, right? ------------------------------------------------------------ This from the zealot who mindlessly cites MSNBC with nauseating frequency. At least Fox News has exponentially higher ratings. You probably think Rachel Maddow and Toure are credible.
False choice, obviously. Besides, Mitsy RMoney sends jobs overseas. You ready to move to China to earn a living? -------------------------------------------------------- How many jobs exactly did Romney allegedly send overseas? Please be very specific and be sure to cite your source material.
Excellent. That makes sense. So, Is that the intent of this law? --------------------------------------------- Read the law's text and research its state legislative history to discern its intent.
Not even close. Go read Washington v Davis for a far better explanation of facially neutral than I could ever articulate.
See Washington v Davis 426 U.S. 229 (1976)
Facially neutral is the legal concept of a given law not having a discriminatory intent.
Who cares? The concept of information management is ridiculously amorphous.
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