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Obama to Congress: The Time For Immediate Action on Fiscal Cliff is Now

SuperSam Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 10:48 PM
Owebummer and his corrupt cronies want to raise taxes - why? And most importantly, why the hell should we allow them to after seeing their disgusting waste and corruption with our hard-earned money? Solyndra-type kickback money failures, not so shovel-ready more money kickback failures, union boss bailouts for GM/Chrysler, billions to Petrogas/Brazil's oil drilling project while stifling ours, "free" cellphones for votes, a million work permits to illegal aliens for a La Raza endorsement while we have 25 million American citizens out of work and many still losing their homes because of it at a record breaking pace, and the list is too long for here - enough is enough - hell no to any tax raise now.

So how did the last-ditch fiscal cliff meeting go this afternoon? Not great. President Obama again put forth the scaled-back version of the proposal he pitched last week.

A source familiar with the meeting told CNBC that Obama was not making a new offer; just laying out what he thinks can pass the House and Senate. That includes keeping the tax cut for those making up to $250,000 and an extension of unemployment insurance for 2 million people. He will then ask the participants what they are willing to support, and if they don't have a counterproposal that...