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The President is on!!
This should have been an easy win, a cakewalk. Keep that in mind. There are reasons it wasn't. Without dealing with those history will repeat itself.
It's a two-party system. It's just time to rebuild and acknowledge that whatever America is now, it's My Two Dads not My Three Sons.
You can win thinking that way, but you can never make a better country that way.
Actually holding to those Ideals and Values would do very well, as long as you remember that Politics is the Art of Compromise. Nobody gets everything they want and whatever you do, don't be a hypocrite or a partisan. That's what made this mess and it is one hell of a mess.
Thank you Mitt for doing the right thing and helping us close this chapter in election madness.
Mitt's on now!!!!
She was at Romney HQ. But you never know, the first causality of war is the truth.
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