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speaking to Clifford's outburst.
so what does this have to do with anything?
Ann's biggest "problem", and the reason that many people call her racist and hateful is: she is extremely intelligent, uses big words and sarcasm that they don't understand, and often quotes statements of other people, just to point out the absurdity of what they have said. Understanding what she is saying in turn takes intelligence and the knowlege of current events - not just knowlege of hear-say lies being thrown around thoughtlessly.
GZ did not confront Martin. Martin confronted GZ.
I agree none345. what happened to the awful event afew months ago, where a black youth shot and killed a white baby? Where were the protests and outrage there? Was there ever any justice there or was it just swept under the rug? What if a white youth had shot a black baby???????
Zimmerman did not confront him. He confronted Zimmerman. Get the facts before you comment.
You are speaking like so many others, who don't know the facts - he didn't continue to pursue Martin. He was returning to his car when Martin came and punched him in the nose.
He also saw suspicious behavior. "walking leisurely when it was raining" and going between the houses and buildings. - not to get out of rain - as some say- as it was confirmed that there was nothing to protect from the rain between the buildings, only at the doorways. It was more a "hiding" behavior.
then don't comment . . .
you made me laugh, Earl. I was thinking I just missed it.
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