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Al Sharpton Sends His Condolences

sunseeker01 Wrote: 13 hours ago (6:46 AM)
"But Sharpton, De Blasio, Holder and Obama share in the blame for the murderous act that led to their deaths. " The blood of these officers is on the hands of these deeply immoral cretins.
Actually, just the reverse of the kid gloves treatment is recommended. The real purpose of falsely using the race card against Whites is to silence legitimate criticism protected by the First Amendment. It is also intended to gain electoral and political advantage to the detriment of Whites. Its incumbent to immediately charge the race hustlers with racism, and make them defend their rationale for disadvantaging Caucasians.
I missed the sarcasm warning....oops.
"They’ll show up to vote on Election Day, as they always do." Not so fast, Mikey. A review of the White Republican voter turnout from 2004 to 2008 shows a significant decrease, and decreased even more markedly from 2008 to 2012. After the passage of CRomnibus which funds Obamacare, Amnesty and the Dodd-Frank push-out, even more will stay home. Democrat-lite is worse than a Dem, because Repubs should know better...and it comes off as a betrayal.
Your sought apology is woefully insufficient for Blue Staters to earn redemption, as human beings are very reluctant to embrace epiphanies. Rather, the Red States must have a strong immigration policy, that includes a "pre-nup" type agreement to prevent recidivism into Blue State dementia.
Could not agree more. The media needs to be called out at every turn as traitorous and treasonous to the Republic. Without the media acting as referee, the Democrats will be toast, forever.
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Are Race Relations Worse Under Obama?

sunseeker01 Wrote: Dec 08, 2014 4:17 PM
No other President has been so mendacious, divisive and traitorous to his oath of office than Obama. His real persona has been hidden by the zero integrity mass media to the extent that many do not have an inkling as to his true pariah status. As proof of this I would offer blindness such as yours.
The lad needs a dope slap. Keeping the rule of law in tact should be the utmost goal of every citizen. Critically, we all depend on it for our very survival....even pajama boys.
Anyone, regardless of color, who reaches inside a police cruiser and attempts to gain control of an officer's weapon...invites death by acting before thinking. The question of deserving death is purely academic given the first stated realities, and does not deserve context in this article about premature action (i.e., running one's mouth).
I suspect that the reason why the energy space has not progressed at the same rate as the electronic space is that the energy companies are sitting on patents like hydrogen fuel cells for auto and trucks and photovoltaic cell efficiencies.
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