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Prosecutorial discretion is prioritizing who and when NOT to prosecute....an inaction that broadly defined does not violate Article II, Sec III of the US Constitution(take care to enforce the laws) It is NOT issuing work permits, not issuing green cards and not issuing driver's licenses. These are affirmative actions, literally creating legislation by an executive...a Constitutional violation, and a potentially impeachable offense. Its the kind of thing that King George III of England (a totalitarian) used to do.
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For Thanksgiving - Pass the Civility

sunseeker01 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 10:36 AM
Until recently, partisans tried to practice civility in 'mixed' company, but I believe Obama/Obamacare has changed that. Our President has persistently and deliberately tried to divide us with identity politics by demonizing conservatives with lie after lie. Remaining mute is a tacit acceptance of his purposes. Additionally, under Obamacare's IPAB, Independent Payments Advisory Board, unelected, largely unchecked bureaucrats have the capacity to ration health care by age. Is there anyone out there who feels civility toward others who support their premature death ?
Hmmmm. hatred of the poor...nope. Hatred of blacks...not that either. Hey Gruber...try the intensifying hatred of Liberals. That's much closer to the truth.
When asked about de-emphasizing social issues, Phyllis responded with a point about immigration. Immigration, welfare and benefit control and rule of law issues are not properly described as social issues. The wedge issues that the left uses, abortion and women's rights, defense of marriage and the war on drugs are the 'social' issues that need a change in emphasis to get a conservative in the White House. As proof, I offer the blue state Senate election in Colorado where marijuana is legal, and where Gardner defused the abortion issue. If you deprive the Dems of their wedges, voters can be focused on more significant issues.
Anyone who hurts your family, tramples your unalienable rights and takes your stuff.....is your enemy, whether intentional or not.
Anyone who is paying attention does not trust the government to implement solutions fairly. The value added tax suggestion, for example, could never be accepted until a constitutional amendment repealing the income tax had been accomplished. No trust....no progress.
The perpetuation of our republic depends on voters who are informed about the fundamental principles imbedded in our Constitution, and informed about the current issues of the day. With deep sorrow, I observe that most of my fellow citizens are neither. Its far better that these underinformed do not vote. They are soiling their precious birthright. As proof, I offer the 2012 Presidential election result between two men who are polar extremes of capability, accomplishment and honor. You can't fix stupid.
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Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.

sunseeker01 Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 9:54 AM
"in hopes of gaining some additional black votes today, is as cynical and fraudulent as it gets." Cynical and fraudulent...yes. But much more importantly the practices are immoral. Any public figure, whether a political or media figure, engaging in this race-baiting should be promptly, firmly and loudly called out as being immoral. Shame is a powerful determinant of behavior.
Actually, you have it half right. Liberals think Conservatives are evil, but Conservatives think Liberals are stupid. That paradigm should sit will with Conservatives, because stupid people cannot distinguish good from evil. Additionally, if one were to total the harmful effects of destructive, divisive and short-sighted left..it would be hard to conclude that they are anything else but stupid.
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Suicide by Democrat

sunseeker01 Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 8:14 AM
The article is quite descriptive of reality, but the best part by far is the headline. Most of the uniformed voters can be swayed through repeated mantras. The headline is one that every conservative should be brandishing, "America is committing suicide by Democrat". The power of negative BRANDING works, just ask any Republican.
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