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I couldn't agree more. I used to have a grasp on the rules but anymore, I watch with disgust and confusion over the "new" rules. The game is hardly recognizable anymore. Since the NFL has taken such a socialist/anti-God stance; not to mention a girlie-man stance, I find myself watching less and less. Maybe there will be a John Galt football league someplace where all the blacklisted but talented players can really just play football.
Aw, lighten up! This isn't a tit for tat article. This is about stupid liberal statements for all to enjoy and laugh at. So enjoy and let it be!
I agree with you. I believe Romney should have hit back hard regarding Israel and the recent deaths of 4 Americans who were not protected as they should have been, the bowing to scum bag leaders, etc. So much material...so little time.
During the "debate" I was struck by how obama glared at Romney as a bully would do when he had nothing else to offer. Was that suppose to be intimidating? Or to show how strong and secure he is? It was more like a 3rd grader as was his entire behavior. He mocked, blatantly lied about his foreign policies, etc., interrupted, looked to his comrade moderator for help (which he got) and generally acted like a spoiled brat. What a stark contrast between these two.
Adrenaline is a powerful source of strength and I do believe she could have butted some heads together and quickly end the entire episode. That would have been a YouTube worth watching!
I completely agree with Doug Giles. I loathe bullies and the best way to deal with them is to call their bluff. If that women had gotten right back in their faces, the wind would have been knocked right out of their sails. Instead she became their victim and oh, man, do bullies like victims. Because neither she nor the bus driver or other students for that matter stood up to them, everybody came away with a very negative experience that will linger for a long time.
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