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Romney would have won last time if the economy had just imploded sooner. People may not like him but only an idiot wouldn't respect his organizational (a.k.a. leadership) and economic skills. Once the sore losers quit throwing darts, Romney will leave Obama in the dust... just as Reagan did Carter.
If your primary hasn't come up yet; you have a very valid point... Maybe "the party" is to blame for that, but I believe we do get a lot of valuable vetting by spreading this out some (maybe not this much).
I disagree with that... if he had the most in common, he'd be leading. No the base is fiscally conservative and socially just to the right of moderate. Our greatest problem right now is economic and Mitt's the best equipped to address that. By the way... I'm Tea Party and for Romney.
Santorum is a twit with no beneficial experience of any kind. If you want to push us to the Right, then keep pushing Ron Paul. He's the one who should stay until the end. He won't get the nomination either but unlike Santorum he's not there for his own glory and 85% of his message is spot on (and the remaining 15% isn't that far off... ask the military what they think). I'm a Romney guy but I RESPECT Ron Paul.
Why is it that when a candidate pulls in the most votes and wins the most delegates; it wan't me as a voter that contributed to this; rather it was "the party"? I didn't see anybody else in the booth with me.
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