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The Curious Incident of the Mud Not Thrown

sundown1964 Wrote: May 24, 2012 11:24 AM
Barack Obama didn’t even try to keep his campaign promises. Any evidence that his whole life is a fraud might explain why. I wish the media would investigate the story that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father. Read Obama’s poem “Pop” for yourself and see if you think it is about him coming to the realization that “Pop” is his real father. And “Dreams From My Father” has a character Frank whose description is identical to the one in the poem. This “conspiracy theory” would explain a lot.

Sometimes turning points in presidential campaigns are scarcely noted at the time. Because they're events that didn't happen, a low road not taken, a tactic not employed, a decisive mistake not made. Like last week's non-event in Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

Told of a great big, $10 million mudball some of his backers were prepared to throw at his opponent, Mr. Romney said no thank you. Very much.

Naturally, the plan was leaked to the New York Times, the country's leading source of news that never happened, and in this case isn't about to.

Invited to revive the issue of Barack...