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Specifically what documents and who are you talking about, NRML? A broad-brush won't do. Give verifiable facts.
Joel, we can't be faulted for hoping. Maybe two eulogies, one for Fairy Reid.
Plus, Gowdy has been a federal prosecutor and won't need so much legal advice on what he can get and when and how he can get it. He is very organized and logical in his thinking, which I greatly admire. I just want some basic answers. The stalling tactics of this administration are tiresome. They delay and obfuscate until I just want to shake someone. Then, when they had done that ad nauseum they claim the issue is 'stale'. I have confidence in Gowdy.
NRML, that is quite a flip attitude considering that four American lives were lost in an attack on an American consulate. No one has been held accountable for this. I pity and pray for those we have serving in any capacity in the ME or elsewhere on this globe with this administration.
Chunk, the Dems have done everything short of calling this workplace violence.
Chunk, what scandal was Cummings' daughter involved in? IRS? She changed jobs but I don't recall what government trough she is in now.
The pictures show how she is aging, which gives me hope that her days are clicking by faster now. Put that cow out to pasture!
Because the various committees have been separate, those with many things to hide have been playing shell games with subpoenaed documents. The pattern of this administration is to stall and delay and then claim it is a 'stale' issue. You know, the kill your parents and seek pity for being an orphan.
Excellent point.
Then, curiously, Stevens' alleged spoken word was different from his provable written word. Considering that the wall around the consulate had been breached and not repaired, that both the Red Cross (Crescent) and British ambassador had been fired on within the week, and it was the anniversary of 9-11, who sent Stevens to Benghazi? Why was he in a less secure place than our embassy in Tripoli? Why, given the significance of the date, was our military not prepared to go to the aid of our nationals in obvious hot spots? Who made these decisions? Where are the people who carried this out? How could CNN go into the consulate, film, and collect documents and the FBI claims they were stuck in Tripoli? Four Americans died. I want some answers.
I do trust (a word I do not use lightly) Gowdy to keep it rolling.
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